This is a full guide on how to start off the game. Edit

In this guild you will learn how to use commands, teleports, shops , and about the game in general


Enflux is a pvm(player vs monster)based server where players can enjoy difficult bossing, skilling, pvm, pvp, group events, and much more. Now lets get into how to become a good player

First LoginEdit



Now that you have logged in you will need to talk to the Enflux Guide and pick a starting class. After that you will want you use the ::home command(;;home also works), now you are at the main spawn.

Good you now have the access to all of the skills and shops, so lets get into how to train and buy items.

Combat TrainingEdit

To train combat is very simple and there are 3 places to do it, the first of which is training teleport 1. There is 2 ways to get there the first of which is typing ::train into your chatbox and the second way is to use your toolbar. Using the toolbar teleport is a bit slower but will work just the same. Just click your
Teleport guide
Quest Journals to see a teleport menu, and click the training teleport butten as show in the pic.

You can get to training dungeon 1,2,3 with the butten or type ::train, ::train2, ::train3 to teleport there.

Training 1

Rock Crabs

Training 2

Greater Demons

Training 3

Black Demons

Money MakingEdit

To train you may need to buy better equipment to train with,                                                                                    so here is a some ways to make some quick cash.

Methed 1--ThievingEdit

Thieving is a easy and quick way to make money and should be used early into the game. simply steel from the stalls on the side of the bank(at home) and sell this items to the store in front of the bank.

Methed 2--CraftingEdit

This methed cost a bit of money to start but provides a bigger profit so is best at your level. To start buy a chisel and the max level gem you can cut from the crafting shop(link unavalible at this time), cut the gem and then resale them to him for a profit. It it easy and at opals you can make about 1.5mil a minute.